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Assignment and Intervention

Interventions corresponding to each of the targets were assigned to the appropriate members of Michael's rehabilitation team. In addition to the physician, nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, psychologist, social worker and architechtural expert who make up the standard rehabilitation team, a sports therapist was welcomed to the team to focus on Michael’s athletic activities. The roles and distribution of resources within the multidisciplinary team can be seen on Michael's ICF Intervention Table.

The ICF Intervention Table provides a comprehensive overview of all the intervention targets, the interventions themselves and the corresponding rehabilitation team member(s) who is (are) assigned to address each intervention target

Figure 3: ICF Intervention Table

Table 3: ICF Intervention Table; Doc = Physician; PT = Physical Therapist; OT = Occupational Therapist; Psych = Psychologist, SW = Social Worker, Arch = Architectural expert. The values are rated using ICF qualifiers; ICF Qualifier rate the extent of problems (0 = no problem to 4 = complete problem) in the components of body functions (b), body structures (s), activities and participation (d) and the extent of positive (+) or negative impact (-) of environmental (e) and personal factors (pf); First value refers to the rating at the initial assessment; Goal value refers to the rating to achieve after an intervention; Final value refers to the actual rating at the second assessment or evaluation. In table 2 ICF Categorical Profile b415 Blood vessel functions and b7603 Supportive functions of the arms were not depicted. However, since an intervention was provided addressing these aspects of functioning, they are included here.

The initial intervention phase lasted three months. An assessment was undertaken after four weeks into the intervention phase to determine Michael’s progress .