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Melissa Selb

  • Coordinator, ICF Research Branch
  • Project Scientist, Swiss Paraplegic Research

Melissa Selb is the Coordinator of the ICF Research Branch and a Project Scientist at Swiss Paraplegic Research focusing on ICF and functioning-related topics.She consults on ICF-related projects worldwide, including development ICF-based tools, coordinates/conducts ICF trainings, and supports governmental and non-governmental organizations and professional societies on ICF implementation in clinical practice, clinical quality management and research endeavors. She has been involved in several ICF Core Set projects and manages the ICF case studies website. Melissa Selb also supports the World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases/ICD-11 work with focus on functioning. She has (co-) authored over 30 scientific publications in peer-review journals, including the A guide on how to develop an International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health Core Set in the Eur J Phys Rehabil Med. and several book chapters, including in DeLisa's Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Principles and Practice, in the Handbook of Vocational Rehabilitation and Disability Evaluation: Application and Implementation of the ICF, and in ICF Core Sets: Manual for Clinical Practice (also as co-editor of the 2nd edition). She worked in several rehabilitation facilities and agencies in the United States before moving to Europe in 1992. Before  joining the ICF Research Branch at the Swiss Paraplegic Research in Switzerland in 2009, Melissa ran a counseling centre and half-way house for homeless people in Germany, and worked in the pharmaceutical industry, including 3 years as an administrator of a medical research foundation and a grant programme.