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The ICF-based Case Studies Project

Swiss Paraplegic Research (SPF) together with Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPZ), one of Europe's leading centres for paraplegia, spinal cord injury (SCI) and spinal cord diseases, conducted a series of case studies. Conducting ICF-based case studies was one approach to address SPF's aim to contribute to optimal functioning, social integration, health and quality of life of persons with SCI through clinical and community-oriented research. The ICF-based case studies project began in October 2006. In this project, persons of different age groups and gender and who are living with SCI of varying etiology and levels of severity, were accompanied during their rehabilitation at SPZ. The rehabilitation process was then described using the Rehab-Cycle® and the corresponding ICF-based documentation tools. See detailed information in the section Introduction to ICF-based Documentation Tools and Rehab-Cycle.